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Mental Illnesses : Living Behind The Mask

450 million people suffer from mental illness around the world, and most people don't know just how challenging the can be. A mental illness is when there is a disorder to your mental health that can affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. There are many different types of mental illnesses and many different ways people cope with them. As well as tons of history reverberating the true meaning behind mental illnesses. These illnesses are a lot like health illnesses, they have side effects, history, and lifelong trauma, which can affect the real true heart of the person behind the mask of a mental illness. The history of mental illness goes way back to the Persian empire from 900 to 600 B.C.!

Of course they didn’t know much about mental illness so they assumed it was all the work of the devil and eventually theories of witchcraft being the cause came into view. Worldwide, it is estimated that tens of thousands of mentally ill people were killed after being accused of being witches or under the influence of witchcraft.(Hemphill, 1966). Due to the fact that everyone thought people with mental illness were created by such terrible sources they invented hospitals for the mentally ill. These hospitals were called asylums and they were used from the early 1840’s through the early 2000’s in the U.S.

where they tried to cure certain illnesses and isolate people from the rest of society. Scientists and doctors did many surgeries such as lobotomies to try and cure these people, others were prescribed with such torture as insulin shock, ice water baths, and electroshock therapy to drive the source of their illness out of them. This treatment was due to the lack of medical advance. There were many different types of mental illnesses treated in such asylums. Imagine meeting someone and the next day not even remembering who they are or if you've met them. 9.78 percent of people with mental illnesses have this progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain known as alzhiemer’s.

There are over two hundred different classified mental illnesses ,however, alzhiemers is one of the only mental illnesses that can be unknown or unrecognized in the person withholding this disease. More than half of alzheimer's patients may not know they have it.In part because of the difficulty with detecting early-stage Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), many of those with Alzheimer’s remain undiagnosed (homeinstead 2019). It is very implausible for people with alzheimer's to understand their disease due to the side effects in which they are dementia, drastic behavior and mood changes, and short term memory loss. Alzhiemer’s is a sad disease to cope with, especially for the elderly, however, some mental illnesses can be harmful or scary and they can even drive people criminal. Everyone retaining a mental illness, are forever affected due to the behavioral changes, but some mental illnesses can turn innocent people into criminal masterminds.

Once all asylums shut down for good, they had to do something with the mentally ill who were dangerous and living behind the decisions of the criminal mind. Many criminals cured or uncured were sent away to another still standing asylum or let out into the world. Many asylum patients that were released committed serious crimes and prison rates went up frantically. Criminal anthropology is the field of study, which goes deeply into what makes someone commit a crime, but also the reactions after the crime, on the run or in court. “Mental illnesses have been found in some of the U.S.’s most revolting killers throughout history... These instances of mental disorders represent only a small fraction of people diagnosed and the majority of people afflicted do not engage in criminal activity…”(Forensics Colleges 2019).

Mental disorders and illnesses can turn people into criminals in many ways, whether they create serial killers of thieves they can still drive people insane. Mental illnesses contribute to people in many different ways, becoming aware, helping out, and taking control are all ways people can help the mentally ill. The great history of asylums and witchcraft behind mental illness can show how people with mental illnesses are still just people. Everyone’s mental health is different and there are tons of ways to prevent the terrible numerous keen sensed side effects of such mental illnesses like as in criminals. Some people suffering from mental illness live in great fear or trauma because of the fact that they feel so isolated as if they aren’t even people. Mental illnesses are ways good people are hidden behind terrible masks. More at https://scamfighter.net/review/unemployedprofessors.com